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    3 Bathroom 3 Bedrooms
    Agent: Jerry John Tawiah Added: 04.06.22
    ASEDA (Unit Type 1)

    Modern 2 or 3 bedroom homes with
    exterior that boasts of clean lines, broad windows, and undeniable sleekness.

    5 Bathroom 4 Bedrooms
    Address: 350 5th AveNew York City
    Agent: Jerry John Tawiah Added: 05.06.22
    Nhyira (Unit Type 2)

    4 bedroom unique homes with amazing views, modern design, parking area with a stylish and ultra modern topology situated a few minutes drive from Kumasi.

    6 Bathroom 5 Bedrooms
    Agent: Jerry John Tawiah Added: 04.07.18
    Ahoto (Unit Type 3)

    Our luxurious 5 bedroom homes with clean exterior, a modern interior furnishing perfect for anyone seeking high-end residential living


    Available Apartments

    ASEDA 1 floor 2 or 3 Bedrooms 3 Washrooms Kitchen Living room visit
    NHYIRA 2 floors 4 Bedrooms  5 washrooms Kitchen + dining Area Living room visit
    AHOTO 2 floors 5 Bedrooms  5 Washrooms Kitchen + yard + dining area living room + garage visit

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