The benefits of living in a gated community are many, but perhaps the most obvious and attractive perk of a gated community vs a non-gated community is a sense of security. The sad reality is, crimes like burglary, vandalism, and home invasion are real concerns these days. With a posted guard/attendant out front or coded entry required for access, residents feel safer knowing strangers are far less likely to be trolling the Magijan Haven neighborhood.


If seclusion and minimal interruption from the outside world is what you crave, you’ll find far more peace and quiet in Magijan Haven. Watching the sunrise with your morning coffee, the after-dinner dog walk, or a serene evening on the patio all become a lot more relaxing without the external noise pollution and little to no thru-traffic.


Private gated community residents share a mentality. When it comes to homeownership, they want to be surrounded by like-minded people with similar values. Odds are you’re less likely to encounter inconsiderate neighbors—and with property regulations and HOAs, you can expect curb appeals that are cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing. Also, shared spaces, clubhouses, and regularly planned parties promote a camaraderie not often seen in traditional neighborhoods in Kumasi.

Property Value

Because your home will meet higher standards of quality and design, you mitigate the risk of losing property value during market fluctuations. Magijan Haven adds value and is simply a good investment. With a proper land title, your property at Magijan Haven is valuable for access to mortgage and other related transactions.


For those with a proclivity toward physical activities, life in a Magijan Haven is perfect for you. Things like tennis, volleyball and basketball, coordinated lessons, tournaments will keep you active. Magijan Haven takes the whole healthy living lifestyle concept to another level with eco-friendly green community.